Guidelines for Article Submissions

General Information

The editors’ overriding objective is to publish articles that shed new light on the visual culture of the nineteenth century. (Please see Vision and History for details.) Articles should be written in a clear and engaging style, accessible to a range of interested readers across the globe. Although NCAW is an English-language journal, submissions in languages other than English are welcome, as long as they are accompanied by an abstract written in English, 100–150 words long. However, if an article in a foreign language is accepted, its author is responsible for the timely delivery of a suitable translation into English and for the expenses involved.


Manuscripts must be in finished form at the time of submission and must be submitted by email as a Microsoft Word document (using version 2007 or newer). There is no required word count or limit to the number of images; however, most feature articles typically range in length from 7,000 to 10,000 words and have between 10 and 20 images. Along with the manuscript, authors should submit: images as a separate PowerPoint or PDF file, an illustration list as a Microsoft Word document in the format described in the Style Sheet, and an abstract. NOTE: the final illustration list MUST be formatted in keeping with the NCAW Style Guide. If the article is approved, a correctly formatted illustration list is required in order to advance it to publication. Please contact executive_editor[at] with any questions.

Assign all files the same primary name (preferably a shortened title of the article) and then a qualifier (i.e., “Delacroix odalisque_article,” “Delacroix odalisque_abstract,” “Delacroix odalisque_images,” etc.). Do not put your name on any of these files but submit (1) a separate Microsoft Word document with your name, address, and title of your article, and (2) a CV.

All materials should be sent to the co-managing editors, Petra Chu and Isabel Taube, editors[at] Please contact them with any questions about submissions. Please note: acknowledgement of the receipt of your submission may take up to a few weeks. We appreciate your patience.

Submission checklist:

a. Article as Microsoft Word document
b. PowerPoint or PDF file with images
c. Illustration list as Microsoft Word document in the format described in the Style Sheet
d. Abstract of approximately 100 words as Microsoft Word document
e. Microsoft Word document with your name, address, and title of your article
f. CV as Microsoft Word document or PDF file

Peer Review

The co-managing editors and/or the executive editor will review each submitted manuscript as soon as possible and forward it to one or two peer reviewers (unless they feel the manuscript has serious problems, in which case they will return it to the author before peer review). Peer review is double anonymous. For more detailed information about peer review criteria and access to the peer reviewer form, see Policies.

If, after peer review, the article is accepted, the author will receive comments and suggestions for any changes. In all cases, the editors will attempt to inform the author of the article’s status within two months of receipt. NCAW’s acceptance rate is 35 percent of all manuscripts submitted.

Final Manuscripts

Once authors have received comments and suggestions for changes, they are expected to make those changes and to copyedit the work in accordance with the Style Sheet. To be included in the journal, final manuscripts and final images (see Images) must reach the the co-managing editors at least three months before the date of publication in October or March. Authors will also be asked to provide: (a) a revised two- to three-sentence abstract of their article to be posted on the site’s table of contents; (b) a condensed biography of 3–4 lines, indicating their institutional affiliations and 2–3 achievements of note; and (c) acceptance of the licensing agreement and permission to publish their email addresses.