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Much has happened on the Nineteenth-Century Art Worldwide front. Our wonderful web designer, Emily Pugh, has entirely redesigned the journal's website. For those of you who have always loved NCAW's appearance, you'll notice that it still looks pretty much the same. Emily has primarily overhauled the "substructure" of the site, though you will find that there are some visible and, we believe, welcome improvements. See for yourself...

Martha Lucy, our Executive Editor since 2003, has decided to make room for someone else to take on the work she has done so well. This is her last issue, alas. The good news is that Martha will stay connected with NCAW and become the editor of the "New Discoveries" section. We thank Martha from the bottom of our hearts for all she has done for NCAW as Executive Editor, and we are delighted that she will stay on to lend her dedication and expertise to the "New Discoveries" section and, no doubt, make it even better.

Isabel Taube, a graduate of the University of Pennsylvania who teaches at the School of Visual Arts in New York, has agreed to come on board as the new Executive Editor. As an Americanist, she will make a welcome addition to the editorial team which thus far has been weighted towards European art. Isabel's term will start in the spring. We welcome and are looking forward to working with her.